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Trust in Justin Standard of Service: I don’t take phone calls!


You read that right.  I DON’T TAKE PHONE CALLS…while I’m in appointments.

Have you ever scheduled an appointment to meet with someone only to find they spend more time on the phone and answering the phone during your appointment than they do actually meeting with you?  It’s a personal pet peeve of mine that I’ve addressed in my business.

Could the caller be a hot lead for a new listing?  Or a buyer hoping to interview me as their Phoenix Buyer Agent?  Absolutely.

But a have implemented a Service Standard that says scheduled appointments take precedence over all other interruptions, except in the case of a rare emergency.  You’ve waited your turn to meet with me, so why is it fair to allow someone else to essentially cut to the front of the line?

Does that make me less accessible to my real estate clients?  Not at all!

If the issue is important enough for someone to leave a voice message, I promise to return the call as soon as my appointment ends.  Anyone who interacts with me knows that I am super-accessible and that I return calls!

How about you?  Do you care when someone you’ve scheduled time with doesn’t give you their uninterrupted attention?

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