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Tips for Garaging your Car for Extended Periods

Many owners of Phoenix real estate and Scottsdale real estate are actually 2nd home owners, spending their winters in AZ and their summers in other gorgeous parts of the world.  A percentage of these 2nd home owners keep one or more cars in the garage of each property they own.


What’s the safest and best way to garage-store your vehicle for extended periods of time?


According to the American Automobile Association of Arizona, there are several tips that you should keep in mind if you plan to store your car in the garage for more than a few months at a time:


  • For the battery and electrical system: Disconnecting the battery from the system will prevent any ‘leeching’ of battery power from mysterious low-draw sources.
  • For your fuel system: Drive your tank until it’s close to empty or put a can of fuel stabilizer in the tank.  Believe it or not, gas actually goes bad after a period of time.  Fuel stabilizer will ensure that the gas in your tank functions as it should, without damaging your fuel system.
  • Overall vehicle care: You should take measures to protect your vehicle from rodents, which have been known to chew through expensive electrical systems in order to find the perfect place to nest or burrow.  Consider traps or poisons or a humane way of ensuring that your vehicle is safe from the pesky 4-legged creatures.


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