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Scottsdale AZ Investment Property

Scottsdale AZ investment property is an excellent addition to one’s portfolio, the recent drop in home values notwithstanding. And in fact, that drop and leveling out of home and property values really means there has never been a better time to invest in Scottsdale real estate. The Scottsdale realtors on Justin Lombard’s Casa Crew can help you to find and acquire the Scottsdale AZ investment property that will add the greatest long-term value to your portfolio.

Some of the best bargains currently on the Scottsdale real estate market consist of Scottsdale existing homes for sale. Although a strong local economy has kept values from plunging as they have in many markets, they have still leveled out and are about $20,000 lower than they were two years ago. As a result of falling demand and a surplus of homes, many Scottsdale existing homes for sale have been on the market for awhile – which has resulted in some very motivated sellers.

The same may be said of Scottsdale new homes. Eager to profit from the boom, developers overbuilt. This resulted in a substantial surplus of homes, and is why a fair number of Scottsdale new homes are standing vacant. While the days of short term profits made by “flipping” such properties are in the past (as well they should be), such Scottsdale AZ investment property will certainly provide good to excellent long-term returns.

Scottsdale new homes also mean Scottsdale condos. Historically, these have been greatly sought after by retirees, those who want to invest in “time shares,” and frankly, people who don’t need the space, expense and upkeep of a freestanding home. In addition, many Scottsdale condos are located quite conveniently to world-class golf courses – which, considering that we get sunshine 300 days out of the year, is something to think about!

Scottsdale AZ investment property can be an excellent addition to any portfolio, but it requires planning – and the expertise of real estate experts who understand the markets. Trust in Justin and the Casa Crew are just such experts in the local real estate market. Our team members are all familiar with the Scottsdale-Phoenix metro area and receive ongoing training. As such, our clients know they will receive sound advice when it comes to making decisions in the acquisition of Scottsdale AZ investment property.