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Phoenix “Wins” Title of America’s Sweatiest City

Yes, it’s true.  The good folks in the Old Spice unit over at Procter and Gamble, after and extensive nationwide study, awarded the residents of the Valley of the Sun as the sweatiest.


Tests were based on estimates as to how much a person of average height and weight would sweat after walking in the mid-day sun for an hour in June, July and August.  Supposedly, for Phoenicians it works out to 26 ounces per hour.


Now, having lived in a few other very hot locales, including Houston, San Antonio, and rural Missouri, I have to take issue with P & G’s assessment.  As one who stays fairly active, even through the hottest summer months, nothing compares to my personal ‘Sweat Production Index” then when I lived in Texas and Missouri.  Especially Houston!  I could sweat just looking out the window in mid-August!


Visits to other humid summer hotspots, such as Louisiana, Mississippi, and Georgia lead me to believe that Houston is not alone.  Indeed, I must conclude that the Old Spice ‘study’ must have failed to consider the humidity factor.  We mummified Phoenicians feel like fish if our humidity level hits 30%.  The only time we approach humidity levels like those mentioned above is when it’s physically raining.  The ‘dry heat’ argument doesn’t carry much weight when it’s 118 degrees out, but degree-for-degree it’s much more comfortable (spelled “drier”) than 90 degrees in 95% humidity.


What’s the implication here for we who sell Phoenix real estate and Scottsdale real estate?  There’s not much of one, actually.  You may find that your bottom develops a thick hide-like protective layer after entering your vehicle enough times and sitting on a sun-exposed seat.  And your hands may look calloused like you’ve spent a good growing season out in the fields harvesting cotton after gripping a white-hot steering wheel a few times.  But you will NOT produce 28 ounces of sweat in an hour, unless you’re training for the next Ironman.


P & G, you got it wrong!


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