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Phoenix Real Estate Update / Scottsdale Real Estate Update

Here’s a look at what the latest sales reports tell us about Phoenix real estate and Scottsdale real estate sales activity.  All data is from reports published in mid-June using data through the end of May, and compiled by the Arizona Association of Realtors, the Scottsdale Association of Realtors, and the Phoenix Association of Realtors.


Phoenix Real Estate Update


Total Inventory:

March: 13,086

April: 12,970

May: 12,850


Average Days on Market:


Single Family: 93.28

Condo: 95.86



Single Family: 92.51

Condo: 104.02



Single Family: 86.38

Condo: 114.51


Average Sales Price:



Single Family: $255,568

Condo: $195,214



Single Family: $249,483

Condo: $166,824



Single Family: $239,035

Condo: $199,903


Over the past three months, the single family market for Phoenix homes and Scottsdale homes has showed signs of stabilizing, even correction.  The market for Phoenix condos and Scottsdale condos, however, still remains unstable and no significant inferences can be made.


Consult a qualified Phoenix Realtor or Scottsdale Realtor for additional information.


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