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Casa Crew Home Buyer Services

What can you expect when you work with Justin & the Casa Crew to find your next home? The Casa Crew takes a structured approach to helping you find the perfect home, an approach that has proven to be very effective.

Step One:Initial consultation to understand your wants and needs, which will help us understand what your “perfect” home looks like.

Step Two:
Meet with lender to identify the best loan program for your needs and obtain lender pre-approval and Loan Status Report (LSR), which will help us focus our search efforts. The LSR is a required component of the Arizona Purchase Contract and must be submitted with our offer on your new home.

Step Three:
Now that we understand what your ideal home looks like and the financial guidelines, we are ready to build a ‘search profile’ as the basis of our search.

Step Four:
Using your search profile, it’s time to get down to business and start looking! Your Buyer Specialist will run custom searches on a daily basis and notify you when properties matching your criteria hit the market. In many cases, your Specialist will pre-screen properties on your behalf to ensure that your valuable time and effort are directed towards viewing properties that most closely match your needs and wants. When promising properties are identified, we will make arrangements to give you a tour of the property at your earliest availability. If we are lucky enough to find multiple properties that meet all of your criteria, we’ll help you compare the homes to make a purchase decision.

Step Five:
Finding the perfect home is only part of the story. Purchasing the property under the most favorable set of terms possible is our #1 goal. Your Casa Crew Buyer Specialist will use personal knowledge of properties in the community and will analyze recent comparative sales activity and collaborate with you to formulate a purchase strategy, including the terms of your offer. This strategy will lay the groundwork for negotiating the purchase of your new home.

Step Six:
Your Casa Crew Buyer Specialist puts your strategy in play and negotiates the offer. You need a Realtor who will negotiate strongly on your behalf to obtain the best possible set of terms and acquire the property, even in a multiple bidding situation, which is often the case in Phoenix ‘s red-hot housing market. Justin & the Casa Crew thrive in multiple bidding situations and over the past year we have successfully purchased properties in which the seller was faced with more than a dozen competing offers!

Step Seven:
Now that our offer has been accepted and we’re in escrow, your agent will coordinate the various details that lead to a successful closing. From due diligence inspections, negotiating for repairs, overseeing repairs and improvements, coordinating the process with your lender and the title company, and completing the requisite paperwork associated with the transaction, we work hard to represent you and make the escrow process as hassle-free as possible. We maintain an open line of communication with you at every step of the way so you’re always current on the status of the transaction and your questions are always answered.

Step Eight:
As we near the close of escrow and you’re reveling in anticipation of the Big Day when you’ll get the keys to your new home, your Casa Crew Buyer Specialist continues working diligently on your behalf. We conduct detailed reviews of the Commitment for Title Insurance and Title Report and the Preliminary Closing Statement to make sure your best interests are always protected.

Step Nine:
Close of escrow: The Big Day!! By this point, you will have a great amount of trust and confidence in your Buyer Specialist. In many cases you’ll not only regard your agent as a capable real estate professional, but a friend, too. In keeping with this relationship, unless other arrangements are made, your Casa Crew Buyer Specialist will join you for the document signing at the title company to share in the excitement of the moment that we have so hard for, and to answer any questions that may arise.

Step Ten:
Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! Even after you have closed on your new home, we’re still here for you, from advising you of local services to obtaining extra copies of keys, your Casa Crew Buyer Specialist is happy to help you coordinate move-in details. Just let us know what we can do to make your move-in as seamless and stress-free as possible and we’ll do all we can to accommodate you.