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Expert Buyer Representation for Phoenix Area Home Buyers

The process of finding the right property and purchasing Arizona real estate can be complicated. Even with the simplest of purchases, there are many details to address:

  • Where to look?
  • Are there local issues that affect a certain area?
  • When finding the right property, how much to offer? What do comps indicate?
  • Which contracts to use and what are the obligations of all parties involved?
  • Where to find a reputable lender? Home inspector? Attorney? Tax advisor? Title company?
  • Which repairs to negotiate?
  • Who to use for repairs?
  • How to conduct other due diligence?
  • How to read a Preliminary Title Report?
  • What about HOAs (stratas)?
  • How to register the property with the County Assessor?
  • Is the Settlement Statement accurate?
  • How to arrange for utilities?
  • The list goes on…

A skilled buyer’s agent is your most valuable asset in the purchase process. They will guide you throughout the process and help manage the process to minimize your risk while safeguarding your best interests.

I am an experienced real estate Broker and an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR®), which is the pinnacle designation in buyer representation. I take the intimidation and confusion out of the process by offering a systemized approach to purchasing Phoenix and Scottsdale real estate. I’ve helped enough home buyers over the years to proactively anticipate and steer clear of issues that might catch less experienced agents (and their clients!) by surprise. You’ll also find that I take much of the ‘work’ out of the process so you can focus on the issues that are most important to

Here are some of the service advantages that I offer:


  • Detailed needs and goals analysis
  • Creation of custom search(es)
  • Creation of private custom search website where you can manage your Favorites
  • Daily emails of properties that match your search criteria
  • Remote Buyer Assistance services (as described below)
  • Exceptional communication to answer any questions you have
  • Client-specific advice based on your situation
  • Access to experienced mortgage professionals
  • Thorough analysis of comparable sales to help formulate an offer that sets you up to succeed
  • Intelligent negotiating skills to secure the most favorable terms
  • Proper drafting of Purchase Contract and related Addenda to accurately reflect the purchase terms
  • Access to reputable title and escrow companies to manage the escrow

During Escrow

  • Hands-on assistance with the due diligence process
  • Access to resources, such as home inspectors and research guides, to ensure you’re able to fully evaluate the property
  • Access to specialized contractors and inspectors to address situation-specific concerns, such as roofing, electrical, plumbing, structural, or mold concerns
  • Ongoing communication with other parties, such as the Escrow Officer, Listing Agent, lender, inspector(s), etc.
  • Daily updates to ensure you’re always in synch with the transaction
  • Review of all documents generated by the title company, such as the Preliminary Title Report and Commitment for Title Insurance
  • Review of Settlement Statement for accuracy
  • Conduct final walk-through (if you’re present) to ensure repairs were completed and property is in substantially the same condition as when your offer was made
  • Arrange for transfer of keys
  • I’ll send you a list of utility providers and remind you when it’s time to arrange for utilities to be transferred

After Close of Escrow

I continue to be your trusted source for all questions related to Phoenix real estate.

Purchasing from outside Arizona? No problem!

Shopping for real estate in person is always the ideal situation. However, many Arizona real estate buyers don’t have the luxury of conducting their search from within the Greater Phoenix area.

To assist out-of-state Arizona real estate buyers, I’ve designed a unique “Remote Buyer Assistance Program.” In addition to the services listed above, the RBA Program features value-added benefits:

Property photo websites

Remote Phoenix real estate buyers have consistently told me that their main concern with conducting a real estate search from afar is that they can’t actually visit properties and neighborhoods. To minimize this issue for my clients, I can visit properties and set up a custom photo website to get you as close to an in-person visit as you can get without actually being here. I’ll include photos of the community, as well as full interior and exterior shots. Furthermore, I’ll label the individual photos to make it as easy as possible to visualize the floor plan. Here’s an example.

Broad logistical support

There are many logistical issues that need to be addressed over the course of a transaction.

For contract signing, I subscribe to a digital signature service called DocuSign.

DocuSign allows you to execute legal contracts without ever printing, faxing, scanning, or mailing, saving you time, effort, and expense.

Lots and lots of phone calls are required. They’re not a big deal when you’re in town, but can be difficult if you’re located in a different time zone. I can help coordinate utility turn ons for inspections, inspections, estimates, repairs, etc, for your purchase.

I can attend the home inspection on your behalf and ask questions about any red flag issues the inspector spots. I will arrange for follow-up inspections, if needed.

If you are able to visit your Phoenix home during escrow, I can assist with travel and lodging details. I can even pick you up at your hotel and transport you to the property to eliminate the need for a rental car.

I can put keys in a lockbox on the property so they’re available at your convenience the first time you visit your new Phoenix property.

I understand that long distance purchases of Arizona real estate can create challenges and potential stress, so I make myself available to offer extra support and assistance on an as-needed basis. My goal is for you to say after we close escrow, “Thank you, Justin, for making the process so easy!”

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