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Krispy Kreme is BACK!

Many Valley residents are giddy over the resuscitation of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, as the first shop re-opened today in East Mesa.  With the donut shop’s highly-publicized, simultaneous multi-outlet shut down about 2 years ago, Valley donut lovers have not had many options for the carb-laden, cholesterol-packed treat.


Reportedly, several hundred customers waited in line for hours, while Krispy Kreme employees handed out free samples of milk.  The first customer was awarded a year’s supply of donuts – 52 dozen to be precise.  That should equate to about 35 additional pounds and a hike of several dozen points in his cholesterol count by mid-2009.  Congratulations!


A Krispy Kreme fan myself, I’m happy to see them back in the Valley and only hope they’ll open a few new stores to serve the rest of us who don’t live in the East Valley.



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