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Huge Chandler Mansion Going to Auction

Huge Chandler Mansion Going to Auction

You can buy a piece of what’s inside

Wednesday, 09 Sep 2009
KSAZ Fox 10

CHANDLER – Stained glass windows, towering iron gates… and a jarring yellow sign announcing it’s up for auction. The bigger it is, the harder it falls. That saying holds true in the housing market as well.

This Chandler mansion is over-the-top in size and luxury, and now the public will get a chance not only to see the inside, but to own some of that opulence.

When we first saw the 20-room Tudor mansion, the house was for sale. That was six months ago. Now in foreclosure, the 13,000-square foot home is likely headed for action — but first the luxurious trappings of the home will be auctioned off.

Residents near the mansion on Kyrene Rd are curious.

“It would be kind of fun to go see what the furniture looks like in there,” says Mike Wilkinson, who lives nearby.
Records show a Tempe dentist bought the mansion in January of 2008 for $6.7 million. Despite attempts to sell it after that, the home with five master suites, a 10-car garage, and its own lake was not selling in this volatile real estate market.

“I feel bad for the family that lived there. I don’t know who it was but I feel bad for them because obviously they had a big nice lifestyle.”

Now, that lifestyle will go to the highest bidder on Saturday. After that, no one knows what will happen to the mansion that some say it out-of-place in this neighborhood. Others believe developers will swoop in eventually.

You can preview items for the auction on Friday. There are things for sale including a baby grand piano, video arcade games, two motorcycles, flatscreen TVs, statues and art, not to mention furniture. Internet bidding is already underway for some items.


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