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High-End Playhouses …Talk about a ‘Niche’ Market!

Scottsdale real estate has a new segment — luxe playhouses!


After building one for his own daughter, a Scottsdale builder has started marketing high-end children’s playhouses.  We’re talking mini-chateaux with tabs of $50,000 or more a pop!  


Those who have the space, the bankroll, and the desire to allow their kids to truly play “house,” can have mini replicas of their own homes built, right down to working plumbing and air conditioning system for year-round fun.  Another option – high-end dog houses.


The company has already received orders, serving as further confirmation that the high-end luxury market, even for playhouses and dog houses, is recession resistent! 


Coming soon…”Dog House Mortgage, we’ll finance a pad for your Fido regardless of his FICO…”


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