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Funny Phoenix Real Estate Photos

Over the years, I’ve seen some pretty remarkable things in the Phoenix real estate market, both at properties and in the MLS.  A few years ago, I finally started collecting images of the more interesting topics.  I also have an outstanding collection of Realtor business cards that’ll leave you rolling, but that’s another blog post for a different day.

As you look through these photos, keep in mind that some are pulled directly from the MLS.  You know, the main source for marketing properties to buyers around the world?  Yeah, that MLS.  Seems that some sellers (and their Realtors!) have forgotten that the goal of posting photos is to generate INTEREST in a property, not scare people away.

The main take-away here, besides a few memorable laughs, is that when you list a home for sale, be sure to review your agent’s marketing materials!  It’s no wonder that properties marketed like the ones below can sit on the market a loooonnnngggg time.

Without further ado, here’s a sampling of my collection…


The MLS “Public Remarks” for this one included, “Can’t even tell it’s been lived in!”

Hate to burst your bubble, but, uh, I can tell.

Cant Even Tell its Been Lived In Public Remark 2 Cant Even Tell its Been Lived In Public Remark 2 (1)


 Excuse me, but you have weeds growing in your pool.

Is that a weed growing in the pool?



Hey, look, a toilet koozie!

Ah, the toilet koozie!



This was the MAIN photo in the MLS, traditionally considered a property’s most compelling “side.”




This photo was posted in the MLS and says, “Good day!  Welcome to (Address).  Please allow me to show you around…”

Thanks, but I think I can handle it myself.




“Power to the TOWEL BAR!”

IMG00217-20100301-1537 IMG00218-20100301-1537



This dining set really opens up the room!



“Root damage?!  What root damage?”




This property was a cosmetic fix and flip.  All the big work had been done throughout, which is why I laughed when I saw this bathroom sink and vanity. Notice the granite accent trim over it, which tied nicely into the kitchen countertops.

Classy Bathroom Remodel 2 Classy Bathroom Remodel



Speaking of kitchens… Have you ever wished you could invite the gang over for a big screening party without having to worry about missing the movie while you did the dishes?

If so, this could be the home for you!

The family room has been converted to a high tech movie theater, complete with tiered stadium-style seating, projector, and wall-sized screen with retractable curtain.  And yes, it’s directly connected to the one and only kitchen in the house.

As an added bonus, the walls and windows have been paneled over for a completely dark movie theater experience.

Is it noon or is it midnight?   For you, my friend, it just doesn’t matter.

IMG00047-20100801-1124 IMG00046-20100801-1124



This one’s a little tough to read.  The “Realtor Remarks” in the MLS say, “Property mistakenly listed as ‘vacant.’  Call Listing Agent for showing.”  The funny thing is, most agents wouldn’t bother with the verbiage.  Instead, they’d change the “Showing Instructions” field to say “Occupied” because that’s where agents look.

Not only did this agent take the time to spell out the error, but he left the showing instructions field (DIRECTLY BELOW IT) labeled as “Vacant.”





Perhaps you won’t notice the cluttered kitchen if you put on these beer goggles…

Kitchen with beer goggles?




Yes, that is a light switch mounted directly to the inside middle of a garage door.  Needless to say, with no idea on earth what would happen, I didn’t touch it.

Don't try to turn the lights on when the door is open!




And here’s my favorite.  You know it’s a seller’s market when the birds get into the game…


Neighborhood is Going to the Birds

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