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Craig and Vicki G, Lititz, PA

“It is simply not possible for a real estate agent to offer more “value” than Justin did.

Justin worked in our best interests throughout every phase of the process. He went WAY above and beyond the call of duty for us. He put our needs as his highest priority. Many real estate agents are just interested in making a sale; Justin’s only goals were to find us a house that fit our needs, and then to ensure we got the best deal possible on that house.

During the process, we made multiple trips from PA to AZ to look for a house. The rapidly moving Phoenix market offered some formidable challenges for buyers from outside the area. We looked at and lost multiple homes because the market was just moving too fast, or we were out-bid by multiple other buyers.

Through multiple disappointments, Justin never lost hope, nor allowed us to lose hope. Through sheer determination and hard work, Justin eventually helped us find the perfect home. Then he helped us determine the best market value for the home, and helped us get what we felt was a very good deal. He also worked vigorously during the inspection process to ensure we knew exactly what we were getting.

Once some problems were uncovered, Justin helped us find high-quality, reasonably priced contractors to fix those problems. He arranged for, and was available to open the home for those contractors to get in and see the issues and to provide quotes for repairs.

It was astonishing to me how much time and effort Justin spent on our behalf. I know Justin is a busy guy, with numerous clients, yet at times it felt like we were the only ones he was working with.

He was responsive and available to us at all times, and he communicated with us effectively and in a timely fashion. On virtually every phase of the process, he was ahead of the curve. I can’t speak highly enough about Justin’s integrity and honesty.

In addition, his knowledge of the Phoenix real estate market, as well as the AZ laws and processes, make him an invaluable resource for a prospective real estate buyer. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”


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